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Israelis march against plan to overhaul judiciary

Israelis continued protests Saturday for the 23rd week against plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right government to overhaul the judiciary in the country. The mass demonstrations started in January shortly after the government, made up of ultranationalist and ultra-Orthodox religious parties, was sworn in.

4 siblings found alive after 40 days in jungle

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) - Four Indigenous children survived an Amazon plane crash that killed three adults and then wandered on their own in the jungle for 40 days before being found alive by Colombian soldiers.

Biden marks LGBTQ+ Pride Month with celebration on White House South Lawn

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Joe Biden welcomed hundreds to the White House for a delayed Pride Month celebration aimed at showing LGBTQ+ people that his administration has their back at a time when advocates are warning of a spike in discriminatory legislation, particularly aimed at the transgender community, sweeping through statehouses.