Drunk, naked Aussie deported by Indonesia Australian surfer Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones was deported after a drunken naked rampage in Indonesia.
Drunk and naked Aussie surfer deported by Indonesia

An Australian surfer’s apologies for injuring a fisherman he during a drunken naked rampage in Indonesia, he is considered part of the family, he says.

James Cameron felt ambushed by Argentine lithium miners

US director James Cameron says lithium mine operators who attempted to attach his star power to their cause on a visit to Argentina have achieved the opposite.

Russia unhappy with Black Sea grain deal Russia says it is unhappy with how the Black Sea grain deal is being implemented.
Russia still unhappy with Black Sea grain deal

Unhappy that economic sanctions placed on its exports remain in place, Russia is threatening to walk away from the Black Sea grain deal.

Troops feel the heat as Prince William reviews

LONDON (AP) - Several British soldiers were overcome by the heat on Saturday as they turned out in woolen tunics and bearskin hats to salute Prince William.

Pope continues post-surgery recovery in hospital; faithful await his video message

ROME (AP) - Pope Francis spent another good night in the Rome hospital where he is recovering from abdominal surgery, the Vatican said Saturday.

Indonesian volcano spews ash, lava in new eruption

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau is spewing ash in its longest eruption since 2018, when the volcano between Java and Sumatra triggered a deadly tsunami.

Runway closed at Tokyo's Haneda airport after 2 jets accidentally contact each other

TOKYO (AP) - Two passenger planes accidentally touched each other on a runway at a major Tokyo airport Saturday, although no injuries were reported.