AP Week in Pictures: Asia

May 12-18, 2023

From Charles to Derby, day for fancy hats to rule

If ever there was a banner day for hats - wild and colorful hats - it was Saturday, the duel spectacle of King Charles III’s coronation and the celebration that IS the Kentucky Derby.

Pageantry, rain herald King Charles' coronation

LONDON (AP) - A horse-drawn golden carriage. The sound of choristers and trumpeters filling Westminster Abbey. Hundreds of Coldstream Guards throwing their bearskin hats into the air and shouting "hip, hip hooray!" Pop stars, young and old. Not one, but several crowns. And of course, persistent rain.

AP PHOTOS: Sidecar ambulances help moms give birth in India

NARAYANPUR, India (AP) - The motorbike roared as it strained to carry the ambulance sidecar up a steep river bank. The bike’s rear tire whirred in place, kicking up water and mud while the sidecar - a hospital bed on wheels, under a white canvas canopy - lolled dangerously. Two health workers, who had been following on foot, tried pushing it, but it didn’t budge.